MySpace Generators

Use our tools below to drastically change the working of your MySpace Profile. This is the best way to make all of your friends jealous!
Custom Scrollbar Colors
Change the actual colors of the normally-boring scrollbar on your MySpace profile.
Profile Welcome Message
Alert your friends when they visit your profile of any message you wish to say!
LED Scroller
Put up a scrolling text animation up on your MySpace Profile or other people's comments to give them a message that definitely stands out.
Text to Binary to Text Converter
Use this tool to quickly convert normal text to binary, and binary to text.
I can do it! Friends List Customizer
Use these tools to easily customize the way people see your MySpace Friend Space.
Comment Box
A tool to make your own custom comment box to put in your profile to get more comments out of your friends.
Automatic Bulletin Repost Button
Use this tool to generate a small button to include in your buttons to repost a message that you want. HTML is allowed!
Custom Slideshow
Easily make your own custom slideshow that doesn't require flash. Immediate loading for your profile so your friends don't have to wait!
I can do it! Glitter Phrase Maker
With over 60 types of fonts, our glitter phrase generator is the best out available.
Falling Objects Generator
Use this tool to make your own falling object feature for your profile. Annoy your friends very easily!
Custom Favorites List
Make your own list of favorites for your friends to read!
Custom Online Now Icon
Use this tool to change the old boring "Online Now" icon to any picture you specify.
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