MySpace Codes

Choose any of the codes below from one of the easy to use categories. Simply follow the directions on each page and you'll be set!
Remove/Hide Stuff
Hide Your Friends and/or Comments
You can hide your friends lists, your comments, or both if you would like.
Hide Your General Information
Hide the information next to your picture, like Last login, age, location, ect...
Hide Blog and Extended Network
You can now hide your blogs and your extended network!
Hide or Move Your Contact Box
Move your contact table anywhere on your profile, or just get rid of it all together.
Hide Your Last Login
Want to hide your last login date, heres how to do so.
Removing URL box
Take that little box that says your myspace URL in it, and just do away with it.
Remove Top & Bottom Links
You know the links at the top and bottom with Home, Contact,, etc... Now you can hide those.
Hide the Search Form
Now you can hide the search form, but keep the links on the left & right side.
Remove "Add Comment" Link
Remove the "Add Comment" link underneath all your comments.
Hide "Details" section
Now you can hide your details section.

Friends & Comments in a Scrollbox
Put your friends and comments in a scrollbox rather than drag your profile down!
Flip Your Friends and Comments
Reverse the direction of your comments and friends, comment photos on the right, text on the left, etc...
Center Your Profile
You can totally center your profile, so each table is one on top of another, running vertically.
Resize Large Comment Images
Get pissed when people post huge images on your comments, and it messes your profile up? Don't delete it, resize it!
Scrollable Content Boxes
You know when you see those scrollable boxes on profiles, loaded with information? Learn how here!

Background Modifications
Find out how to change the look and feel of your "View More Pictures" section.

Basic HTML Stuff
Text Codes
Learn how to perform basic text effects to stylize your text.
Marquee Codes
Learn how to make scrolling text with these great examples.
Special HTML Stuff
Color Chart
If you need color codes, you can copy these color codes, and paste them into any of our generators!
Special Characters
Need to get special symbols? We have loads!
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